Friday, November 17, 2017


In no particular order...
BSU game with Dad, not sure where Delaney and I were!
New dog means new kennel
Meet Fritz the worlds most high energy dog
First one in braces!
Beautiful wedding in Stanley

Graveyard headstone rubbing with KK!

Fritz doing things...

McCall hike with Quinn

Hard to be a puppy...

Shooting match in Tampa with Uncle Scotty and Aunt Stacy!

Saturday, September 09, 2017

Summer in Review

I'm just going to dive in rhythm or reason...we had a great summer.
Delaney hanging with her favorite little person Elle!
 We had to say goodbye to Ruby, she had a good run and we miss her
 Fathers Day weekend at Miracle Hot Springs with Glavins and Kearneys!
We sure do love Miss Eloise, the best baby ever
 Salad in a pot courtesy of Sarah
 More Ellie love
 Escaping the wind in the camper
 I mean EVERYone love Ellie
 Fathers Day Brunch at Blue Lakes
 Cash climbing things
 Dads and kids
 Amazing 4th of July in Stanley with 10 families and all our kiddos!
Awesome rafting day with the River Company

 Ice cream pit stop
 So many kids, so many marshmallows consumed
 Major hike.  Someone asked us if we were running a summer camp!
 This was called the 'Dad Float'.  Jump in at one end of the property and float to the end where a Dad or two would be there to grab you!  Hours of entertainment.
 Bunch o' soon to be 2nd graders
 The Dads escaped for a drink but the kids quickly found them.  No escape!
 So much fun at the River Co.
 Johnny Anderson keeping it real
 Helping clean off the gear after floating Valley Creek

 Gearing up for the 4th of July parade in Stanley.  
 We filled the boats up with water for the epic water fight

 Here we go!
Marjorie and her strong sock game
 Lucy is ready for battle
 So is Heather 

 Another great year at Morrison Center Performance Camp.  Meredith was Goldilocks and Quinn was a super cute bumble bee.  Delaney opted out... 

 Fun with lots of friends!
 We escaped the heat and hit the Oregon Coast with KK and Papa Jim

 Delaney turned 9!

 She requested a swim date with Elle and Crew

 We got in some good rafting this summer
 Fun week in McCall with cousins!
 and bobcats


 Happy 14th Anniversary to us!
 Strait from McCall to Sandpoint

We took the big boat to Hope for dinner
 George teaching Quinn how to drive
 Beautiful night at Beyond Hope
 Great weekend with old friends
 That was a looong drive home.  
 Eclipse madness at Roosevelt

 First day of 2nd, 3rd and 6th
 2nd grade buddies

 Best. Night. Ever at the Sun Valley Ballet Festival.  
A truly magical night watching Misty Copeland

 We celebrate my big 4-0 at Barbacoa.  Massive shrimp cocktail and cotton candy.  Sadly I am not pictured as I was dealing with a work crisis!  

 Scary Quinn, pretty birthday flowers
 My amazing friends threw me a lovely birthday dinner.  How lucky am I?

Back to McCall for one last hurrah!
 Bye Bye Summer 2017!