Monday, June 12, 2017


We finally did it!  We finally made the trip to SoCal to the happiest place on earth.  We met Papa Jim and KK at the airport and off we went!  We wasted no time and hit Disneyland an hour after we landed.  Quinns mind was blown!
 So excited for that first ride - Peter Pan of course
 Princess Auroras castle dungeon
 Waiting, waiting and more waiting

 So special to take this trip with Grandparents!
 Day 2 - headed to Universal Studios
 Hogwarts ready

 ButterBeer pit stop

 Casting spells

 Jurassic Park ride.  Meredith looks less than thrilled
 We decided we liked Hogwarts the best

 Bye Universal - back to Disneyland for us
 Day 3 at Disneyland 

 So so so tired
 Taking advantage of Magic Morning at 7am

 Sad to head home but what a fantastic trip!

Spring Sports/Performance Madness

Meredith decided to give track a try this spring.  She did so great and it was fun to watch.  We could have used a little nicer weather however.  I don't think we had one track meet that wasn't rained out!
City meet 4x100

Delaney played spring flag football and loved it.  Her football career may be behind her as she has decided that she likes gymnastics more.  
 Seriously, not one nice day this spring.  Here we are freezing at one of Quinns soccer games.
 Found this on my phone - swimming next door!
 The Roosevelt 5th and 6th grade put on a great production of Willy Wonka. It was really great.  Meredith was Violet Beauregarde and her bestie Sofia was Willy him(her)self.

 Time for orchestra and choir performances!

Next up - ballet!  Maddie/Lucy/Meredith.  Stars of ballet 2.
Ready to cheer their sister on!
 Henry and Quinn looking good at the show
No buns this time, just braids
Love this picture of Meredith
The 1st graders put on a FANTASTIC show called "Life Cycles".  It was truly hilarious.
Let's just say Quinn has no problem being on stage.

Then in the 2nd grade Moms and Muffins happened.  Such a sweet morning.